25 May 2012


Secretly, the flame of a lonely woman burns sweetly, giving warmth only to the man who observes her feminine enchantments with a love song in his heart.

Every mountain and valley in the willows of life can hear her whispers for love and know the kind of romanticism she dreams of among lonesome darkness.

The vocabulary of love she speaks is of a deep silence and contains passionate words only a sincere and caring lover can understand.

With each tryst they share, he stores her soft, tender kisses in a trove deep within his soul.

Sadly, falling tears sometimes blur her vision of blooming flowers willing to dance for her with the gentle breeze.

In this journey of life, the flame of a lonely woman gives light to the heart understanding her needs while igniting his fire with the first kiss of sweet surrender.

*Revised post - Originally written by/copyright/published 28th January 2011


23 May 2012


Love is not something you can keep to yourself, for it is the command of the heart that leads to the greatest rewards in life.

It is no secret that love is more precious than beauty and is a gift that will never fade, in spite of age, time or season.

Love is more beautiful than a body of blinking stars and is as pure as the tears falling from a weeping angel.

Answering the call of love with a willing spirit will cleanse the heart from any preponderance of doubt once stored within.

Life is unpredictable at times and will one day betray you before death, but love…love will remain faithful until the very existence of this world is no more.

So do not be afraid to answer the call of love, for love has the power to free any heart from the kind of darkness that enfolds the human soul in lonesome and painful bondage.


22 May 2012


Darling, the tender breeze has brought with it sweet, scented flowers that remind me of beautiful you.

In the hours leading up to this moment, all I could think of was the magnificent glory of you giving light to my dreams.

The emotions conveyed from my heart to yours can cause anyone to hear the melody of love...through the beauty of silence.

How can I not be caught up in your spell when it is your smile making me tremble with desire?

Please know I have laid my thoughts at your painted toes so you will comprehend my intentions among the blooming flowers looking up at you.

Hide me in the secrets of your eyes and in the midnight hour of human tenderness, kindly reveal to me the mystery of your whisper.

My darling, sweet, scented flowers not only remind me of you, but more importantly, they are reminiscent of the tears we once cried together...in an immortal dream.


16 May 2012


Sad tears have replaced the dreams of a woman that used to fill my heart with joy and happiness under a moonlight zephyr.

Once lifted up into the fineries of freedom, my spirit remains caged within the sorrows of a broken man lost in the memory of her kisses.

How can the echo of my cries be heard when time and distance have separated us through bitter anguish and torrents of loneliness?

Fallen flowers floating upon the waters of a dying river remind me of my own tears and the fate life has bestowed upon me in exchange for sweet love.

Without her, despair has become greater than my sadness, for what I feel in this very hour is a dagger piercing my heart beneath this moonlight zephyr.

My longing for her is so intense that I can actually visualize the translucent veil hiding her own sadness as she calls out to me in the ebony darkness of the night.

So profound is the love we share that even when separated, our tears create an unbreakable union between two lovers reminiscing of sweet kisses under a moonlight zephyr.


15 May 2012


Lady Flower, since our separation, my heart has been caged inside a lonely dream bound by painful memories.

How could you desert me beneath the wings of a magical love that I thought was filled with so much beauty?

Today, the photo of me that used to sit in the frame of your heart has fallen under your painted toes, only to be trodden on by your footsteps as you walked away without so much as a backward glance.

Even your loving voice, once the representation of songs of glory, is now the whisper of torture and pain ushering my heart into misery and tribulation of a living death.

I could never be upset with you, knowing it was your heart's confusion that betrayed us both in the willows of our dreams?

O baby, if you divide my heart into two pieces, you will find your beautiful face still etched on both sides.

My darling, I beg of you, return to me like an angel from the heavens and let me love you again with heartfelt passion and forgiving tears.

*Image from redbubble.com


12 May 2012


With words, they met under the glory of freedom, in a place where the great seas, the highest mountains and time brought together two hearts without a single touch between them.

Her face represented timeless beauty and love through expressions of erotic desire only revealed in private fantasies.

Beyond eternity, love was the flower he gently placed in her tresses through the silence of romantic words.

Beneath her silken veil were the sultry eyes he longed to look into for the mystery and allure of a poetic life.

Today, her beautiful portrait sits within the frame of his heart as he writes the most eloquent words for her in the language of love.

Due to time, distance and circumstance, she reluctantly acknowledges her role as mistress, for life has been most unkind to her while searching for the beauty of love.

With longing and desire, she waves at him with each flicker of her eyelashes as if his kisses can actually touch her naked eyes.

"Mistress"…the title bestowed on her by the greatness of a love she willingly accepted from the poet - her poet - whom she knows will never embrace her or kiss her with tears.

*Artwork by Diego Rivera, wikipedia.org


01 May 2012


The day I bade farewell to loneliness, I could not help but remember the comfort I had found in the delicate flowerpot plant decorating my bedroom window, which overlooked the crowded street welcoming lovers from everywhere.

The sunlight kissing her beauty through my windowpane also gave light to me when darkness was all I had known.

I found intense inspiration to write love poetry from her tenderness, even though there was no one to read my heartfelt thoughts.

This flowerpot plant taught me much contentment, patience and humility by sitting all alone, waiting for the kindness of my hands to quench her thirst with lifesaving water.

Today, her beauty still glows with and without light, only this time, she takes pride of place beside the throne holding the presence of the woman I love.

Today, my flowerpot plant resides under sparkling jewels in a palace of gold.