11 July 2012


So sacred is your gorgeous presence that I can actually feel your beautiful shadow touching me with love under the splendor of the sun.

Your name remains upon my lips, for I find myself whispering it among the flames of a fire started by the raindrops of passion.

Even the melody of your bangles in my ears leaves a divine sound much sweeter than ringing bells in a house of worship.

My darling, you have taught me to appreciate the lamp of knowledge shining within the heart that adores the gift of wisdom.

Amidst all of my misery and tribulations, you were always there to offer me comfort by letting my soul rest in the cradle of your loving arms.

Lady Flower, unfold my heart and you will find unpublished poems of love that were written with tears for only you.

Unfold my heart and you will also find the commandments of love bearing your name among the greatest words ever penned by this unknown poet.


10 July 2012


Lady Flower, the taste of love's zinfandel remains upon my lips, moist and wet from echoing your name in the winds.

How I triumph with desire over the fruits in my dreams that seem to bear the elixir of your feminine sweetness.

Should you examine my emotions, you would surely find your desires within, carefully wrapped up in the fervor of love.

So mesmerizing is your sultry beauty that I become bewildered and moved to tears just from looking at your reflection in a mirror.

Do you know you have become the enchantress flower intoxicating my mind with a sensual fragrance born from the kingdom of the heavens?

Sanctified by your loving kisses, my thirst is eternally quenched when the zinfandel of love upon your lips flavors mine with the nectar of life.

My darling, with the aroma of love playing ever so gently with my lips, I know the very essence of you has seeped into my soul via the breathless kisses of an earthling angel.


04 July 2012


Secretly, I watched the waters of a lonely lake gesturing to a beautiful woman sitting upon its banks to touch its ripples with her painted toes.

If only I were one of the stones lying alongside such meekness, then how privileged I would be to feel her tender footsteps upon my heart.

With sheer beauty, she bore the curves of a flower gently bending upon a stem under the golden rays of a heavenly sunshine encircling the human heart with elegance and warmth.

As I stared at her from my hiding place among the hanging branches of a fruitful tree, I could not help but feel the kind of passion that gives a man the strength to love such a woman with joyful tears.

In those few seconds, she became the bride of my heart, for this was the one aspiration I could never dream in a thousand dreams, but was privileged to view in a moment that came and passed away.

She is the goddess of fantasy every man envisions behind closed doors, but to me, she was the ultimate reality I witnessed blessing the waters of a lonely lake with her painted toes.


02 July 2012


My darling, it is because of you that my heart has discovered these magical emotions of love, for whenever I look at your smile, you beautify my eyes.

Your enchanting grace and charm thrill me with wordless songs, even if all I can hear is the melody of the wind.

So simplistic are your feminine ways that my heart grows excited just to watch you bow before a garden of swaying roses.

The sparrows gliding across the morning skies even follow your gentle footsteps to a temple for love's worship.

Lady Flower, you make my eyes beautiful every time you reveal the mystery of love through your dripping tears.

In fact, it is this kind of love that has led me to the fountain of your heart where I shall never be thirsty again.

*Photo provided by/copyright my dear friend ~ Jan Neel at Photos by Jan