05 July 2013



My lovely maiden, I see the meaning of life in your eyes, with the written law of love upon your precious heart.

In your smile, I see light from above and the joy of knowing the happiness that rests upon your person.

O my love, the fragrance of your tender kisses stays with me the way golden leaves cling to a tree for comfort and survival.

With you beside me in my chamber, your smooth skin feels like infant flowers upon my fingertips as my lips tremble with love to taste yours.

As the time for sleeping draws near and the curtains of my eyes begin to close, my hope is to dream of you dancing with me to the romantic music of flowers before an orchestra of love.

So kiss me again, my darling, and embrace me with love while my heart listens to the mellifluous sound of your tender heartbeat.

*Modified artwork by Alphonse Mucha, wikipaintings.org


02 June 2013


Lady Flower, in wakefulness, I can hold your tender beauty with a tearful smile, but in dreams, I can see the very depths of eternity through your beautiful heart.

Affectionately yours is what I am and you will see the crown of desire I wear for you inside the arch of every rainbow. 

Darling, it is amongst the purest flowers of life that I find sweet innocence in the temple of your eyes, which in turn bless those same flowers with the light of love.

Your feminine hands remind me of satin and silk pouring dewdrops of passion into the vase of my heart where flowers appear flavored with your kisses upon each of their perfectly smooth petals.

Every magical gesture you share with me beside a fountain of beauty reminds me of the love I can never control bubbling forth for the lover in you.

Indeed, affectionately yours is what I am and is the reason why all of my dreams and desires have turned into this enchanting flower arrayed in your holy image.

(*photo by EPGoddess)


13 May 2013


Darling, you have always been the flower of love in the garden of my heart that I nurtured and adored with tears.

Sadly, in my empty dreams at night, I find myself roaming the universe frantically searching for the fragrance of any flower to remind me of beautiful you.

As I long for you with ecclesiastical hope, the intensity of my pain pushes me into the arms of reality, which in turn thrusts me back again into the bleak morning hours of tearful lonesomeness.

Today, I sometimes wonder how we allowed foolish pride and misunderstandings to become like weeds subduing the fragrance of your beauty from blooming upon the fruitful soil within me.

Precious lady of my heart, the treasured writings of my poems are compelled to speak to you silently about why my love for you will continue to grow, even while lamenting and burdened with grief.

Roaming this universe has taught me one thing, my darling…there is not a single flower or woman alive that can ever replace the enchanting fragrance keeping me in love with only you.


06 May 2013

Newsletter: Goodbye Google Reader

My dear friends and readers,
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Best wishes.

Your poet,


29 April 2013


My darling, permit me to bear thorough witness about the qualities and values I have found in you.

Permit me to celebrate this love and friendship that have become symbols of my humble life.

In all of my ailments and sorrows, it is you who delivers me from misery with your kindness, and in this incorrigible world, it is your spiritual encouragement that keeping me focused upon the prize of a faithful love in paradise.

In spite of your humility, a thousand nights in your loving arms is never enough to stop me from noticing the mysterious beauty of your loving eyes.

I am smitten with your sultry elegance, my love, and I shall gladly whisper my secrets into the evening wind knowing I will magically taste your feminine fragrance with each word.

So permit me, Lady Flower, to love you with justified passion and observe the greatest translation of love through my heartfelt tears.

(*Photo by EPGoddess)


21 April 2013


Who will console me now that my heart has entered into the very depths of misery and sadness?

I have lost all dignity and hope in the power of faithful promises that once beautified this heart of mine.

Sadly, this empty feeling is difficult to explain, for evil is greater and more powerful than our imperfect, human strength.

My weary countenance is of a broken man searching for the evening tide to hide his tears and shame from the smiling eyes of an adulteress.

The sword sitting in my heart bears her warm fingerprints together with the shackles keeping me confined in an invisible tomb.

My dreams have perished at the entrance of her temple where we once sanctified our love with dancing flames in our hearts.

O kind stranger, console me, before my broken spirit is delivered up to witness her footprints alongside the lover I could never be...


01 March 2013


The lips of a sleeping rose gently brushed mine during an enchanting evening with a beautiful maiden.

With a touch of playful grace, she allowed the veil hiding her pretty face to slip so I could peer into her eyes of freedom.

Even her feet were decorated in jewelry as she walked towards me magically, leaving behind golden dust as a reminder of how fortunate I was to be in her presence.

When my heart took possession of her beauty, my spirit was transported into the most passionate realms of sweet love.

Overcome with desire and emotion, I could only imagine what one single teardrop from her heart might represent in a moment of compassion or forgiveness.

This magnificent evening turned into a heavenly bliss when the kisses shared between us left me breathless and spellbound…just like the lips of a sleeping rose.


11 February 2013


Love is not selfish and can easily be understood by the loneliest of hearts isolated from society or mankind.

Love is the bread of all food and can fill the emptiness of a man yearning for infinite happiness.

Love is the most priceless jewel of the heart and does not need to be studied or pondered over in a classroom full of learned men.

Love is the greatest quality that inspires a man to learn what is set before him in order to enjoy the beauty of life.

Love is more powerful than the laws of evil and wiser than any gift of wisdom.

Love is more innocent than an infant at birth and more majestic than any palace ever built.

Love makes music out of nothing and everything.

Love is the sweetest melody the heart will ever know in this journey of life.

Love is the reason I exist today...simply because love is what I am.


04 February 2013


Only once in a lifetime will a poet find the true flower of his dreams who matches his own nostalgic thoughts.

With each poem that he writes, he empties his spirit, giving the compassionate reader a glimpse into the very depths of his heart.

Lady Flower, because of your humble existence, I have come to know the reality of true, human beauty.

If only I could create priceless splendor using poetic words then I would joyfully design an exact replica of your illustrious smile.

Gently turn the pages of my heart and you will experience the texture and emotions of my poems bearing your name.

In exchange for your divine friendship, let me also offer you timeless rainbows from my treasured dreams.

O darling, these nostalgic thoughts of mine have guided me to you among the hymns of the night where your silky voice blends harmoniously and in one accord with the angels above.