29 April 2013


My darling, permit me to bear thorough witness about the qualities and values I have found in you.

Permit me to celebrate this love and friendship that have become symbols of my humble life.

In all of my ailments and sorrows, it is you who delivers me from misery with your kindness, and in this incorrigible world, it is your spiritual encouragement that keeping me focused upon the prize of a faithful love in paradise.

In spite of your humility, a thousand nights in your loving arms is never enough to stop me from noticing the mysterious beauty of your loving eyes.

I am smitten with your sultry elegance, my love, and I shall gladly whisper my secrets into the evening wind knowing I will magically taste your feminine fragrance with each word.

So permit me, Lady Flower, to love you with justified passion and observe the greatest translation of love through my heartfelt tears.

(*Photo by EPGoddess)


21 April 2013


Who will console me now that my heart has entered into the very depths of misery and sadness?

I have lost all dignity and hope in the power of faithful promises that once beautified this heart of mine.

Sadly, this empty feeling is difficult to explain, for evil is greater and more powerful than our imperfect, human strength.

My weary countenance is of a broken man searching for the evening tide to hide his tears and shame from the smiling eyes of an adulteress.

The sword sitting in my heart bears her warm fingerprints together with the shackles keeping me confined in an invisible tomb.

My dreams have perished at the entrance of her temple where we once sanctified our love with dancing flames in our hearts.

O kind stranger, console me, before my broken spirit is delivered up to witness her footprints alongside the lover I could never be...