05 July 2013



My lovely maiden, I see the meaning of life in your eyes, with the written law of love upon your precious heart.

In your smile, I see light from above and the joy of knowing the happiness that rests upon your person.

O my love, the fragrance of your tender kisses stays with me the way golden leaves cling to a tree for comfort and survival.

With you beside me in my chamber, your smooth skin feels like infant flowers upon my fingertips as my lips tremble with love to taste yours.

As the time for sleeping draws near and the curtains of my eyes begin to close, my hope is to dream of you dancing with me to the romantic music of flowers before an orchestra of love.

So kiss me again, my darling, and embrace me with love while my heart listens to the mellifluous sound of your tender heartbeat.

*Modified artwork by Alphonse Mucha, wikipaintings.org