03 April 2014


My dear friends and readers,
Even though much time has elapsed, I have not in any way abandoned my blog. My poetry remains very important to me and I will always continue to share it with you. I hope you enjoy this new one penned from the depths and soil of my heart.
Wishing well.
Your poet
~ Andy


Some misfortunes in life – be it yours or mine – are a direct result of sinful imperfection, which no human can deny or escape.

Whenever fear and disappointment creep into your thoughts, remember you can find comfort and refuge within my tender heart.

Whenever you are swayed by the injustices of this world, let my loving hands bathe you in a river of peacefulness.

Permit me, my darling, to energize your tired and weary soul by splashing my humble spirit upon yours with poetry and passion.

Let my prayers and supplications be your guide in times of despair and hesitation.

Let the beauty of my love permeate your soul, embracing you in moments of weakness.

Make me drunk with your sadness and in return, I will offer you a refreshing cup of romance and sensuous kisses.

O Lady Flower, let my poetry erase all of your sadness and let us become one under a moonlight of rhythmic passion.

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