25 September 2015


To my dear friends and readers,
During my time away, I have missed you. I have not forgotten the love and laughter we once shared. I am returning to you with more love and invite you to listen to the voice of my heart speaking with yours in the stillness of dawn...
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My Songs Of Poetry
The Lonely Man
The Poetess
If You Were Mine
We Are Not Strangers
When Dusk Sets In
Within The Depths Of My Soul
Pages Of Love
Remove These Satin Sheets
The Tenderness In Lovely You
Voice In The Wind
This Plunderous World
Love Makes Music
Lips Of A Sleeping Rose
A Sweet, Spanish Flower
Our Candlelight Of Love
Into Nothingness
Love Has Seeped Into My Heart
Your Heart
Return To Me
Moonlight Zephyr
The Flame Of A Lonely Woman
Goddess Of Fantasy
Love's Zinfandel
This Lonely Road
The Naked Wind