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28th January 2011:

To my friends and readers, a warm welcome to my blog.
My name is Andy. I am a poet who enjoys writing about life, love and romance. Thoughts Of Beauty in The Stillness Of Dawn is a hideaway, a place to discover or rediscover love, to cast aside your inhibitions...a place where the rhythm and flow of my pen will be your joy, tears and comfort. I invite you to pull up a chair, relax, tarry a while here in my humble place and take a few moments to enjoy my precious, poetic gems...

"My heart is like an open book...
filled with simple things and easy to read...
but if you were to reach deep inside and turn its pages,
you would see my greatest and sweetest thoughts
are written about the beauty of love."
© Andy David | Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

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Warm regards.

Your poet,